Felicia Nicole Garcia – Post Falls, Idaho Idaho


My best friend who is my husband of 8 years stopped talking when we were 16 about a year ago we were brought into each other’s lives again. We started dateing on March and got married 5 months later. About a couple months ago we were fighting, so I stayed at my mothers house for a couple days and tried calling him but to no avail he didn’t answer , he then came to my house to talk to me , we talked it out and we were going okay but he told me about how he was texting this Felicia girl. & said she didn’t do anything , might I add that I’m pregnant with twins. The first time she was texting him I asked her to never text him again ever. That didn’t work and come to find out they hd sex and lied to me about it. I looked at his phone and they did and had a thIngram for awhile. She lives in my town and in completely heart broken and torn into that this affair happened and is causing problems in our marriage. She sent him naked pictures.

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By Ronald

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