Feel at Home New York – DO NOT rent from Feel at home with New York

I figured out the hard way that using feel at home New York is a scam. My fiance and I rented an apartment from the site to stay at for a couple of months in New York for work.When we first arrived, we had a hard time getting ahold of the keys. We had to get them through a third party, which was not mentioned on the site, but we got in none the less. The place was so much better than we had expected, luckily. Everything was fine throughout our stay except for a couple of weird visits from people wanting to see the apartment. We figured the apartment was still listed.After we vacated the apartment we had to pay for a few more things like cleaning fees, which we had expected. What we did not expect was a bill for $50,000.We were not prepared for that at all. We called the site and were on the phone for hours trying to get things sorted out. The representative stated that they were not the ones to rent it out.There is a scammer with access to the site getting money from people by using their listings.

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