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Sooooooooo…. this just happened. This idiot called me from the "government tax bureau" and said he was going to come after me for $25k in back taxes. He called my daughter’s phone so I informed him of that and I said, "she’s a minor. Only 12 y/o." He kept pushing with his schpiel. I told him he needed to remove her number as there’s no way she could owe taxes. He says he knows better than me she doesn’t but he’s not going to remove her bc he "likes her a lot." To which I replied, with explicit language, that he’d better remove her and how sick he was for saying that and that I was going to report him. So who do I report this number to bc I’m livid?! I’m also praying he doesn’t have any way to get to her. What a sick sick sick man.Update: he’s called her from a 5 digit number now, too. Probably just to get at me more and make me worry! Well, it’s working! I’m worried, but I need to figure out how to keep her safe!All of our phone numbers are on the national do not call list and I’m very cautious with using them for anything. We’ve literally never used her’ s for any kind of website or call list except the do not call list so i can’t imagine how they even got it!

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