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I received a Facebook Messenger message from an old friend asking how I was doing and saying how excited she was. This is the message, K is the scammer, M is myself:10:59AMM: M: Hello! How much rain did you get from the storm?K: Much. Hope you are doing great. Feeling really excited todayM: Why are you excited today? Sunshine? We are all doing fine here in Tucson. We have had a couple of nice, cool days with rain.K: I applied for a grant and i got 200,000 approved. The cash just got delivered to meM: What type of grant did you get?K: It’s meant for assistance in anything. You should apply for it also. Do you know how to apply?M; No, tell me more.K: Okay. I will give you the agent’s number. Make sure you send him a message immediately letting him know you want also.502-791-6313. His name is DavidDid you get the number?M: I did. Thanks. Your grant is for in-home care?K: Its for assistance in anythingK: Have you sent him message already?Let me know how it goes. I hope it works for you alsoM: Not yet.What is the organization that issues the grant?K: Its a federal government grantApply for it first before telling anyoneI called the number (east coast location) after 5pm east cost time and it was a google phone number asking for a message. I left a message saying that I was interested in the grant and gave my phone number. I then got a text back within a few minutes with the following text, all in upper case:OKAY. YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH US SO THAT WE CAN HELP YOU TO GET YOUR GRANT. YOU WILLHAVE TO FILL SOME INFORMATION SO THAT WE CAN PROCEED.He then sent this:YOUR FULL NAME……….YOUR FULL HOME ADDRESS……….YOUR AGE……….WHAT’S YOUR MARITAL STATUS?NUMBER OR TEXT PHONE……….E-MAIL……….HEARING OR DEAF……….MONTHLY INCOME……….WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?DO YOU HAVE A GOOD CREDIT RECORD?DID YOU GET THE FORM?I asked what grants are you offering? From what sources?ITS MEANT FRO ASSISTANCE IN ANYTHING AND ITS A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GRANTI texted back that I didn’t get the form and requested that he send it to may email address.He sent the list again and asked if I got it this time. I said yes and asked him who he was and what company he worked for.I AM DAVID AND ITS A GEDERAL GOVERNMENT GRANTPLEASED FILL THE FORM SO WE CAN PROCEEDI asked how he worked forTHE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMENT SIRwhat department:THE GOVERNMENT GREEN GRANT FUNDAt that point it was clear that this was not a legitimate site.

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