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Purchaed a lot from Feather Bay Land Development more than 10 years ago. They promised this great vision of a subdivision with beautiful houses close to the lake. Well, NOTHING has been done to improve this phase in more than 10 years since I purchased the land. Ohhhh, but I still have to pay $340 each year in POA fees and $500 in property taxes for a piece of land that is supposed to be worth $24K, but all it has is a dirt road going up to it. | What a joke. Just money down the drain. Do not EVER believe anything this company says. It is all a lie. They take your money and then declare bankruptcy and repurchase through a new name. But still DO NOTHING AS PROMISED to develop the area around my lot. | Does anyone know a good attorney in Texas that we can file suit againest them and get out of the contract and obtain damages?

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