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I received an unsolicited call from the FAST AC for a 21 point maintennce inspection of my AC unit. It had been a while since I had one done, so I agreed as the price was only $34.00. Two technincians, Adrian and Scott, showed up at 11:30 AM on 2/27/18. They inspected the air handler in the attic as well as the Compressor located outside. The Rheem Unit is about 4 years old. They showed me a pressure gauge reading of 45 when it should be 150 and said their leak detector indicated the copper line set was leaking Freon. They said that the copper line set that runs from the air handler to the Compressor needed to be replaced as well as the dual UV lights ( which I knew needed new bulbs). The estimate to replace these two items totaled $3,500.00. (1,950 for the line set and 1,550 for the Dual UV lights) I called the company that originally installed the unit, AAir Supply, and Brett came over about an hour after they had left. He ran the same tests and found no leaks in the line set and his pressure gauge reading was 135. Due to the outdoor temps being in the upper 70’s, he indicated that 135 would be normal and that 150 would probably be reached on hot days.. It appears that the 34.00 inspection fee is just a come on to get them in the house to talk you into replacing AC components that probably do not need replacing and then charge excessive amounts to fix them. Although they made a point of showing me the pressure gauge reading at 45, those gauges can be easily recalibrated. AAir Supply is upgrading my Dual UV light system with bulbs that last a lot longer for $560.00, almost a $1,000.00 less than what FAST AC quoted. My advise is to pass on any special offers from FAST AC or other companies offering similar specials.

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