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Complaint: I joined a year and a month ago. Started to sell in their market and before long, users on the site started buying my products and I could get alerts every few hours as to how much had been added to my account balance on the site. Since the website states that Earnings take 90 days to mature from the close of the month in which they are earned, then I raised my hopes for a huge Cash Outs, I shipped iphones, computers, Samsung Galaxy phones which I paid for with my own cash from Ebay and in addition had to pay for the cost of shipping through Fedex and dhl in order to easi ok y keep track of the shipments. I had huge turn over and the account balance increased with every passing since I was making deliveries and users always gave a good rating on my products given that many that bought did receive the products I sent them. In addition to selling, I wrote blogs, and kept posting and doing all the other activities that t h e website states do contribute towards earning, and to say the least, I became one of the topmost 10 earners on the site! I anticipated so much to reach 90 days’ maturation of my earnings from revenues and the money made from selling, HOWEVER, to my dismay, the maturation days came to a close 8 months ago but even up to Now, it is one lie after another. Cash out never happened, I have never been paid even a single dollar $ !!! I filed tickets through my couch, telephoned the main, sought help but to no avail.. Recently I tried to speak about how I have not been paid for 9 months, commenting on one of “community announcements made by the Cashier

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Address: and together with my Coach immediately emailed me to threaten me that they would close my account and it would appear that I had never registered anywhere in the system! I insisted since I had been poo atien t enough and got tired of being tossed around but eventually I realized that my comments were being deleted by the admin. What a Scam this is!! Apparently they have gone ahead to pass unauthorized charges to my payment method which I registered in the system as a way of protecting my account on the site. They do ask for payment methods to protect one’s account but always pass unauthorized charges on one’s account and there is no way to ge t a refund since emails

Website: all you get is threats and deception that your issue is being worked upon until you feel tired of trying to get it back! I wish to go to court but am not in the USA and no one could help me to sue them! Just feel helpless that I lost my life savings at a time when I needed to establish myse ok for as a youth!! Danny”

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