Family Chateaux – Tami Marciano – Tami Kautzman – Kautzman Alliance – Family Chateaux’s Tami Marciano is also known by Tami Kautzman/Kautzman Alliance is a FRAUD!

Let me tell you a short story about Family Chateaux… Run by Tami Marciano is also known by Tami Kautzman from Kautzman Alliance, depending on the day. They target high net worth families for investment opportunities and try to SCAM THEM. This almost happened to me and my family until we started asking questions and she gave us the run around for DAYS to weeks and made up lies. This “Wealth Management” firm for families is really just a pyramid scheme of LIES. Do not sign a contract. Do not use them. Do not trust her. SHE IS A FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!

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