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On friday Oct 19 2018 I ordered 3 separate times from an add on my Facebook page that said that I had 1hr to order any of my favorite Football Teams sweat shirts or t-shirts or long sleeve shirts and only pay 14.99 shipping and handleing and gave me order numbers and told me they will send me an Email when they sent my order. So I checked In two weeks and nothing then a month went by and I just went to check on my order and they don’t even show the website anymore. So long story short these were bought for Christmas presents and pretty pissed to find out it was a Scam and alot of other people ordered from them from all over from different States because I saw notifications on my F.B. page. I hold F.B. partly responsible for not checking on them for our safety and fraud.I hope all of us are able to get our money back and Exspose these people.

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