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Complaint: This Company is a complete fraud in every way. Lets start with the worst of the worst which is the fact that there is no LAWYERS. This is a fake law firm! Yes you heard it correct a FAKE LAW FIRM. The company is incorporated out of Delaware under the name “Falcon Legal Group LLC””. You can search for yourself on bizapedia.com

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Address: which will help reveal the scheme. I used to work for this company selling innocent home owners on fake legal services. I did my research and I realized there is no lawyer and there is no law firm. The crooked owner of this company created the name Falcon Legal Group to con desperate people losing thier homes into believing a law frim is involved. On top of that the Address listed at 21550 Oxnard Street 3rd Floor

Website: 887-637-8615

Phone: Woodland Hills Ca 91367 is a VIRTUAL OFFICE. That means the owner is paying $100 a month just to recieve mail at this location and does not even have a physical office space for the supposed law firm to work out of. YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED!! Contact the Attorney Generals Office in your state immediatly and let them know they almost got you. If you already been a victim make sure to still complain to the Attorney Generals Office so your voice can be heard. YOU WILL 100% LOSE YOUR HOME IF YOU HIRE THIS FAKE LAW FIRM!!! DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY AND CONTACT YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL. The sales floor is full of ex cons and losers who just laugh as they steal your money and do drugs. Questions to ask the scam: 1.) Who is the lawyer and whats their name and state bar number? 2.) How many years have you been in business and why does it say only 1 year and 1 month on bizapedia.com? 3.) Why is your company incorporated out of Delaware? 4.) Why is your office a virtual office and not an actual physical office? Thier website is Falconlegalgroup.com RUN DONT WALK!!”

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By Ronald

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