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This is a written account of our association and declined purchase (Cancellation) of a Park Model Trailer from Alta Cima Corporation / dba Factory Expo Homes, 3135 S. Price Road, Suite 113, Chandler, AZ. Other location is 8420 W. Allison Road, Chandler, Arizona. This complaint has several emails and other documentation which are available as supporting documents. Some of the pertinent information was verbal promises made by Factory Expo Homes Sales and financial staff. Around December 14th, 2015; I became serious about purchasing a Park Model trailer from Factory Expo Home Centers. On December 15th we communicated with a Sales Counselor, and ask her to put the deal together. Prior to his point, our communications with Factory Expo Homes had been by telephone. The Sales Counselor had told us prior to sending the down payment, that it could be refunded if we changed our mind; but the down payment of over $3000.00 when refunded would be minus the Factory Expo Home Center document fee of $295.00 ($2887.00). We were OK with that, so we sent the down payment via Bank debit card. See the available Alta Cima Corporation / dba Factory Expo Homes Credit or Debit Card Transaction Authorization form, dated 12/2015. On that authorization form there is a statement about the refund as follows: This is the same statement that Sales Counselor stated to us over the phone. u201cNot to worry, because if you do change your mind, you will get all of the down payment returned minus the Document Fee of $295.00u201d. Our original reason for purchasing a park model home to be placed on our property was to provide a home for a homeless family member as soon as possible. We called the Chandler, AZ Champion plant in the latter part of December and talked to the Champion Plant Comptroller. He said the plant had a large backlog and it would be months before our Park Model Trailer could be produced. We had been promised delivery in January 2016. The contract we signed says the completion date would be January. Because of our urgent and immediate need for a home for our family homeless, we decided to cancel our purchase and forfeit the $295.00 document fee as a loss. We never dreamed the company would keep the entire down payment. In early January, I called the corporate office to inquire about getting the down payment returned. The lady there said I must first send an email requesting the refund and informing Factory Expo of cancellation. We sent the email on January 8, 2016, but have heard nothing. This an excert from that email: Sales Counselor We are unable to purchase your Park Model Trailer at this time. Thanks for all your help and we are sorry that we could not complete the purchase at this time. Please return our deposit as soon as possible. Thanks Sincerely, My wife and I Good Afternoon I am sorry to hear that things are not working out. I just wanted to make you aware that because you have the down payment in We could do a financing on the home for you. If you would like I can send you over the application for financing. This way you would still be Able to get your home and there are no penalties for early pay off and or over payment. I just thought I would let you know that you do have the option. Have a wonderful day! Thank You, Sales Counselor Factory Expo Home Centers u2013 Sales Counselor Direct Line 480-893-5034 Fax 480-893-5051 Toll Free (800) 478-7901 6420 W. Allison Road Box 5074u2013 Chandler, Arizona 85226 Email [email protected]n// Manufactured Homes Web Site: www.azchampion.com Park Model Homes Web Site: www.parkmodelsdirect.com/ph End of Email My wife and I are on a fixed income. Traveling from Prescott area, AZ to Chandler, AZ would have been a real burden. Therefore we conducted our business by phone, email and internet. We are both veterans and senior citizens (she is 74 and I am 84 years of age). I am veteran of 20 years in United States Air Force and Betty served honorable in the United States Air Force in the sixties. This letter is our complaint to the Arizona Attorney General Consumer Fraud Department. Our down payment ($3000+) was never used to start the building of or planning any product of Factory Expo Homes. We were told that it goes to into a Trust Account in Escrow at their Title Company. In view of all the evidence and information, we request assistance in recovering our money. We understand there have been numerous complaints similar to ours against Alta Cima Corporation / dba Factory Expo Homes. Thank You, Signed My wife and I

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