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Complaint: Used Ezdoctorsrx.com to get a refill on my hair regrowth prescription. I used other online doctors and had very good experiences plus I love the convenience and the fact that I don’t have to make an appointment with my doctor just to get a refill on my hair regrowth medication. So I paid the $69.95 for a consultation and 3 days later I still haven’t recieved any contact or anything from them so I emailed them because all of the other companies I went through would get back to me that day. I recieved one email back from them stating that they would get back to me that day but they didn’t. I waited another 3 days and emailed them back to see what the hold up was and recieved no response. I waited another 4 days and then emailed them again asking for a refund and also didn’t recieve a response. Now it’s 2 weeks later after making my payment and I haven’t recieved another email from them reguarding a refund or what is going on and I am disputing the charge on my credit card. Do not go through this company I only did because the other company I used to go through folded. I paid them almost $70 and recieved nothing.

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