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Editoru2019s Comment: 07/16/2018 Ripoff Scams believes in transparency and the more information the better. In this instance, there has been court action regarding this subject Report. We believe it important to note that not all Court Orders are alike. Many court orders are absolutely legitimate and we make no representations about this court order situation. However, we want our users to be aware that sometimes courts enter orders based upon default which typically means that the defendant didnu2019t show up. Sometimes a defendant wonu2019t show up because they didnu2019t even get notice of the case proceedings in the first place and other times defendants may not show up because they donu2019t necessarily have the knowledge and/or the financial resources to fight. Still, in other instances, a defendant may simply appear only to stipulate (settle) the case by agreeing to stipulate to a court order because they are being bullied by the plaintiff and whether what they said was true or not, they just want the matter to go away so they can move on with life and make the plaintiff go away. Again, we make no representations about this particular court order situation. We are simply providing you with additional information so that you may be more informed and, coupled with any additional research you feel is necessary, may make your own informed decision regarding the validity of this Report. As always, we encourage our readers to do their homework and not just rely on one single source for information. Google, through the Lumen Database, has provided the following document relating to this subject Report: lumendatabase.org otices/16828481 EZ Exit Now, LLC v. Michael Hourihan – Order Granting Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Judgment by Ripoff Scams on Scribd END OF EDITORu2019S COMMENT THE ORIGINAL REPORT IS UNDER THE LINE IMMEDIATELY BELOW ____________________________________________________ * BEWARE OF FRAUD AND SCAM!!! EZ Exit Now or EZExitNow.org, facebook.com/ezexitnow/ Dan Cobb & Kristin Cobb (owners), Sydney Young, Jacky Cassity, and Crystal Sulzer. 888-276-6860, 832-919-8600 When one Googles the word u201cScamu201d, is defined as u201ca dishonest scheme, as fraud. The verb being u201cswindleu201d u201c. u201cA guy who scams the elderly out of their savingsu201d Bingo! In my judgement both definition fit Ez Exit Now! timesharescam.com/blog/71-timeshare-cancellation-companies/ The information contained here is based on having been briefly employed by them under false pretenses. This information is based on my observations and opinions and is presented here to protect others from being defrauded by EZ Exit Now or EZExitNow.org, www.facebook.com/ezexitnow/ Dan Cobb & Kristin Cobb (owners), Sydney Young, Jacky Cassity, and Crystal Sulzer. 888-276-6860, 832-919-8600 Please call and voice your outrage! We have little doubt that this company will put forth a rebuttal to discredit the information here. However, let it be known that I resigned 9/22/17 even after much praise from owner Dan Cobb just several days prior. I am hopeful in any rebuttal, they will provide a detailed rebuttal to each of my statements, observations and opinions and not lash out by using character assignation and try to divert attention away from the issues with his companyu2019s fraudulent activities. The aforementioned individuals are part of an organized effort to fraudulently deprive individuals of their money. They mislead senior citizens, elderly citizens, ill, uninformed and even their own employees. For non-employees, the process begins with an unsolicited phone call stating that they work with a title company and TEAM or attorneyu2019s. Funny, the couple months I worked there I NEVER saw either! They say that they are calling because you MAY have expressed in interest in getting out of a time share. Not true! Here, as Sidney Young has said, EZ Exit Now is counting on the poor memory of seniors. Next they start telling you about themselves, or at least what they want people to believe. They say that they have been in business for 10 years, that they have an A+ Platinum Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have never had a negative review all of which, based on the BBB website, are blatant lies. Additionally, I have been told that the positive feedback on that site were put there by their employees who got paid to do so and I do recognize initials and names of several current employees (example 3/25/2017 Michael B.) so that would make the rumor true. According to their BBB site, they have been in business 3 years, only have an u201cAu201d Rating, and have had negative reviews. SEE Guarantee/Warranty Issues Complaint I contracted EZ Exit Timeshare Escape for $6000.00 (with a money back guarantee if not satisfied) to get me out of my contract and money back from my timeshare in Mexico in 2014. As of today’s date 01/25/2017, I haven’t received the contracted resolution. I seem to be passed on to different… entities and lately I have been contacted for information that had been provided in 2014 after at least a year of no contact by them. When I was contacted in 01/2017, I advised the individual that I was dissatisfied with the organization and asked for my $6000.00 back as in the written guarantee. Desired Resolution I would like a refund of $6000.00 as guaranteed because nothing seemed to be resolved since 2014. 3 years dealing with EZ Exit Now or EZExitNow.org, www.facebook.com/ezexitnow/ Dan Cobb & Kristin Cobb (owners), Sydney Young, Jacky Cassity, and Crystal Sulzer and apparently still not resolved? It seems clients get out of one costly dilemma and into another costly dilemma with EZ Exit Now or EZExitNow.org, facebook.com/ezexitnow/ ! BEWARE! Even on Facebook it appears they have used paid posters to boost their reviews SEE moneypantry.com/get-paid-to-write-reviews/. One would have to ask, if you are a reputable company, why all the lies, deception and fake reviews? Shouldnu2019t a company be able to stand on its own merits unless they donu2019t have any. And lastly, this company by their own admission, employs the u201dnot so well offu201d. Is this done from the bottom of their heart to help those in need? NO! It is our strong opinion it is done to exploit and enslave them. Many have medical, financial, and legal issues and given a very small wage and MANY times NOT PAID AT ALL FOR THE WORK THEY DO! Although I am a strong proponent of giving those who have made mistakes a second chance, I do not believe on giving them a chance with senioru2019s sensitive information. EZ Exit Now or EZExitNow.org, www.facebook.com/ezexitnow/ hires convicted criminal and FELONS. Would you want your elderly motheru2019s information handled by a FELON? In regard to Sidney Young of the Woodlands Texas, if you are reputable why did you hire someone who is already known as a scammer ripoffscams.com/reports/houston-sales-team-sidney-young/houston-area-texas-/houston-sales-team-sidney-young-scamp-fraud-ripoff-lies-do-not-trust-them-they-will-868882 and someone who often uses racial slurs? Unless you wished him to counting the practices for you? It seems after having been exposed as a scammer in one company, Sidney simply moved literally down the street and set up shop continued his games again with EZ Exit Now or EZExitNow.org, facebook.com/ezexitnow/ Jacky Cassity HR, check writer and who knows what else, is the person that hides information for the owners. Trying to get information regarding why your pay check is several dollars short she invokes blame and disinformation, doesnu2019t answer email request etc, etc. If you complain, youu2019re fired. In summary, and in my opinion, this company along with its management team of Dan Cobb & Kristin Cobb (owners), Sydney Young, Jacky Cassity, and Crystal Sulzer are all liers, cheats conspirators and now under investigation by the STATE OF TEXAS and guilt of fraud against senior citizen nationwide and the citizens of Texas and should be held accountable and run out of Texas if not imprisoned While many here were in the midst of one of the worst hurricanes ever and lost cars, homes, worldly possessions including all their clothes etc., Dan Cobb & Kristin Cobb (owners), Sydney Young, and Crystal Sulzer devised way to rip off their employees and threatened workers to be at work or lose their jobs, some did, others had their pay reduced in half and others got no pay for the hours they worked at all, despite having loved ones that they need to provide for and needed help. PLEASE SUPPORT US HERE IN TEXAS BY CALLING AND LET THEM KNOW HOW WE IN HOUSTON FEEL ABOUT THEIR PRACTICES. WE DONu2019T WANT THEM IN OUR TEXAS! SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME (AND WERE THEY RUN OUT OF THERE TOO?) 888-276-6860, 832-919-8600

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