Eyeglass World Belvidere Illinois Review


Eyeglass world is a complete ripoff!! I knnow for a fact that it is a huge joke!! All they are concerned about is how much money they make. They may offer a buy one get one free, but, they charge you up the butt for the first pair! nThey run the place like a 3 ring circus. First, when you walk in the door, they start you out at the highest price they possibly can, then as you tell them it’s too high they slowly drop thr price down. If you start to walk out they will tell you somethiing like 2 pairs for $80 just to make the sale. nAnd you must remember that they work on commission so the bigger your sale, the bigger their pay check! Be very leary aboout their shady practices! That has to be one of the worst optical places I have ever been to! I’ve seen them cut every corner they possibly can which could compromise your eyes!!! Don’t even fall for that buy oone get one crap because that’s all all those places are, the’re all crap!! So, be careful and watch what they charge you for. They will take your money with no care about the quality of your glasses!! BEWARE!! nMollynBelvidere, IllinoisU.S.A.

5466 E. State Street Rockford, Illinois U.S.A.


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