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Complaint: I went to visit my doctor due to some nasty side effects of some medication I was using. During that conversation, the doctor had recommended an alternative, which I wasn’t ready to try since there were similar side effects reported on those. He understood, but suggested he could call in a prescription if I changed my mind. My pharmacy on record, thanks to my health insurance benefits, was Express Scripts. I later found that Express Scripts automatically shipped me the medication and charged me for the order. For a medication I have no intention of using. During animated calls with the CSR and his supervisor, I pointed out I did not ever give my doctor a “power of attorney”” to make purchasing decisions for me. After all

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Address: I never had a chance to review the cost of the medication nor its side effects in detail to make a purchasing decision. The supervisor kept repeating that she “”get where you’re coming from

Website: but they have refused to accept it back. They tried to bill my HSA card

Phone: but we assume your doctor has discussed it with you.”” I pointed out that I don’t care what their assumptions were

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