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On September 21, 2009 I contracted with Expida.com for a package deal for $628.00. This price included roundtrip airfare and hotel. After returning from the trip I checked my bank statment and it showed two charges one for $514.72 and a second charge for $335.90. This now majes the trip $850.62. I am being overcharged by $222.62. Expida has confirmed this overcharg but claims when they contracted with the Airlines they overcharged my card and I must contact them. I have contacted the Airlines who claimes that Expida authorized that charge on my account and referred me back to Expida. I called Expida again and the again told me to contact the Airlines. I did not contract the Airlines, I contracted Expida whose contract does state that id there is a seperae Airline charge to my account it will not exceed the price of the package I purchased. When I call Expida customer service they yell and hang up on me. $222.62 is to much money to just forget about. I have tried evrything in my power to resove this matter with out any luck. What else can I do to get my $222.62 back?

Bellevue, Washington United States of America



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