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Complaint: We had Exede satallite installed.on Dec 18,2014 after being solicited via.telephone. We were told that if we signed within the week that they were offering Unlimited Internet service in our area.We agreed after discussing in depth that it was to be used for mostly gaming some Net Flix and Face booking. When the service provider came to install we noted the contract to be in error from our agreement.He advised us that it was a slip of a computer key and would be easily fixed as soon as he got back to his office. We insisted he put that in writing on out contract.Which he had no problem.doing We were not told we would not receive a paper bill so when we began wondering why we called them. Already we had 2 payments taken from our account in addition to the instalation fee we paid up front. (That is another subject, they want you to sign that installed was done satisfactorily…it was dark when he.left.The next day we noticed the cable running on top of the ground into our house!! Just laying on the ground!) So we are now being told that they do not have unlimited service in our area! We do have a documented contract and we have invested a good amount of $$$ in on line games,equipment,memberships etc even changed my cell phone plan 8n anticipation of the contracted Internet service. Now the company is continuing to charge for the agreed upon fee for unlimited service but are shutting down our speed after 5GB telling us that we signed up for their 5GB plan! Attached is a copy.of our contract which clearly shows where their tech documented we were to get unlimited Internet NOT the 5GB plan. Customer service while polite,continue to ignore what I have explained as well as our paper contract! I would not recommend this company to anyone! I feel certain they are aware of what they have done.They hold others to their contracts.Now I am going to hold them to mine.Its legally binding as they say!

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