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I was almost sued because Aaron told me that he made his molds from natural stone. Executive Home and Garden makes their molds from copied stones created by other stone companies. Here is my story.We ordered plastic molds from Aaron first and they turned out to be not so great. He told us that he had created a rubber mold even better than rubber mold company so I gave those a try. The rubber made better stones than the plastic so I ordered enough to sell. We started going after stone veneer jobs using the stone veneer made from Aarons rubber molds. We were then sent a letter from an attorney and were asked to provide the names of the people we sold stone too, sq ft of stone we made, and where the products are now. Fortunately we didn’t sell any stone yet so we were off the hook. If we sold products from executivehomeandgarden.com molds we would have been liable to a huge amount of damages.Aaron needs to retool his company before people get into trouble over his noob mistake. I don’t think he knew that people could get into trouble but I do think it is not ethical to use another stone companies products to create your own products with. Beware if you think you can make a company from molds created from other stone companies products. I have purchased molds from themoldstore.com, executivehomeandgarden.com, stonecasterstudio.com and now rubbermoldcompany.com. Do it yourself types will do just fine with plastic molds at themoldstore.com. Stonecasterstudio.com products are beautiful and they use only natural stone, but their lead times were way too long for me. Rubbermoldcompany.com may not have the best molds but they do not copy from other stone companies products and they have been around the longest.I wish that I had purchased from rubbermoldcompany.com sooner and avoided all the mess. Aaron Guetterman needs to let the real stone mold companies keep doing their job and go do something else. China already has a ton of knock off so why do we need an American company trying to do the same. At least we can go after American companies easier than Chinese companies. You can’t open up a company and then call yourself the best if you are not. People rely on your claims to the point that it could be damaging.Most people are oblivious when it comes to stone veneer. Most people will believe anything if they are oblivious.

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