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I am upset that this site forces me to give even 1 star to this business.My husband and I recently had contracted Joe Shortt with Excellent Services LLC to paint most of the interior of our house, since we had started painting, but realized we would never complete the job ourselves. Since it was a large job, we had several contractors come give estimates. ES came in at a price we thought was fair and had a proposed time frame that would meet our needs. The contract gave 1 week (Monday-Monday) to complete the job, where several painters would be working on the job. Unfortunately, we found out after the job had started that ES was understaffed, so not only did we only have one person (Joe Shortt) painting in our house, but he only worked 4 days total, calling out the other 3 days and coming hours late 3/4 of the days he actually worked. ES just wasn’t able to complete the job by that final Monday. We told them that it would be ok if they just got everything done besides minor touchups (to be completed the next week). There were actually major things left undone (whole ceilings in numerous rooms, 2 of which he said he already did, but they are clearly not painted) and major touchups (a second coat of paint in numerous rooms) to complete. That was still going to be ok if they would complete the job. When ES was scheduled to return and complete the job, they called out one day, showed up the next and insisted that he was just there for a touchup that would only take a couple hours and that we had to move all of our furniture ourselves so he could finish, even though both rooms which had furniture in them needed another coat of paint completely as well as lint from the roller brush to be sanded off of the wall from Mr. Shortt not washing the roller brush prior to painting in that room, as well as the rest of the work that still needed to be started. In addition, not only had he painted over our baseboards after we had asked him to watch his lines, but he splattered paint in many areas on our carpet. There was a lot more than minor touchups to do; the biggest problem was the denial of remaining work. We contacted them and filed a complaint. We obtained 3 quotes from different companies to finish the job; each of them apologized for the quality of workmanship, calling the paint job by ES “the worst paint job they had ever seen””. Those quotes came back at 80-90% of the original contract price with ES

so all the progress ES had made was negated by the fact that it needed another coat in many places and to be completely sanded down and redone in some places

not to mention the completely unfinished work that was part of our contract with ES to be done. We tried to come to a resolution with them in order to avoid complicated court and BBB issues

but their proposed resolution was not what we were expecting. We’ve filed a BBB report and are anticipating going to court next. In summary

this company is all about “”customer satisfaction””..until their customer is actually unsatisfied. They literally broke every single line in the contract they had with us

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By Ronald

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