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Complaint: Hi my name is Don I did not know about this or I would have come earlier, I tried many things but not to any avail. One day I was on and the Warror forum was advertising Ewens name so I went and put in a complaint but they continued he had scammed, riped me off and lied to me and everyone about the whole mess, I guess he figured he was friends with Doald Trump so he could do this, I had sent him many emails about this but he had an auto reponder this made no difference to him, I almost quit because he took evrything I had I believed him because I was new at onime marketing and he knew this I am sure, he kept on about this program but Ihad no money and kept getting email from him and I had unsubscribed from him but an autoresponder just kept them coming, I think he was afraid to go back to where he ws from but there are a lot of scammers on the internet and most come from the U.S. I have little memory left but i will never forget him and I am sure he will never forget me he is a thief and this true. I was even having hard time rembering how I paid I used pay pal. Thanks Don

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA



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