Evelyn Garcia Harlem, New York New York


I have been married for 20 years and with my husband for over 22. I recently found out that my husband was having an affair with the only woman I called a friend. Who also happens to be my husband’s brother’s ex-girlfriend of over 13 years. She was cheated on and decided to do the same except the bitch chose my husband for the revenge. We have four children and the destruction being caused by this is great. || Her and her friends are notorious for sleeping with married men so I guess this is the reason why she thought it would be ok. It appears that my brother-in-law slept with her sister-in-law and she never told her brother. || She was a prostitute by profession for many years. Is a shitty mother that is more interested in a mans dick then taking care of her children. All she is interested in is finding a man stupid enough to support her. She lives of welfare and under section 8 just so she does not have to work. Unless it is on her back of course. || Her kids sell and consume drugs and she does not care. All she keeps saying is she can’t wait until they turn 18 so she can skip town and leave them to their own defenses. || I apologize to any woman that has worked as a prostitute out of need or sheer desire. They have more class than this whore that chose to sleep with a married man. || If you know her keep your husband’s away from her. She is most likely sleeping with your husband.

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By Ronald

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