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Beware of phone calls to sell you a trip for 5 people to Florida. They called me and tried to sell a vacation and asked for credit card to HOLD until I signed on with thhis outrageous company. They said it would NOT go through for 15 days in which time you have to change your mind. I called two days later and was furious to find that they put cahrges through to my credit card. To the tune of $389.00. I tried to call today but was told, “I called the wrong department””…….LIE !! I was told to call another number tomorrow. There are various reports on this company under different names and should be brought to the attention of the BBB. Thay are good at what they do…. don’t fall for it! SCAMS ! Lois Pacifica


3626 Quadrangle Blvd. Florida Florida USA



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By Ronald

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