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My husband and I separated for a week back in April of 2011. While I moved into my mom’s house he had an affair with this woman even though we had said we wouldn’t see other people. After a week of being away I realized I didn’t want a divorce and went home to tell him. When I walked into my house there they were sitting on my couch! After talking to my husband I decided to forgive him only because I am the one that had left. After she knew that my husband and I were back together she still kept trying to be with my husband and even had a nerve to call me a puta (which in Spanish means whore). Even to this day this woman still goes to husbands work to look for him she knows we are back together and have 2 wonderful children. This situation is made worse by the fact that my husband is the only man I have ever been with. He is my first and last.

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