urodate is nothing but a scam operation.Make sure you understand all of the fees they are going to charge you before you sign up.Yes, initial sign up is free, but before you know it, you are accumulating unknown charges.Once I signed up for Eurodate, I started getting messages almost immediately. All of them were short messages. Some of them just said, “hi.”I received a call from my bank not even 30 minutes after later. I had been charged around $100 already. | For every action, there is a fee, including emails, pictures, and any sort of interaction with the selection. What is worse is that they take the money from your account without authorization.The messages that I was receiving were coming from Eurodate. There was not a real person behind them. None of them replied.I did not receive an outline of the charges until they took my money.I canceled my membership right away.Use eHarmony instead!

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