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This company’s advertisements make it seem you are buying from Eurail directly and from the train companies themselves. Do not buy from them. You will severely overpay. I just purchased two coach tickets from them for Paris to Amsterdam, two passengers, return. I paid $486 with this company and they assured me these were the best prices. If I had gone directly to Thalys (the train co.) website I could have gotten First Class for $470 with a refund option if needed. That would have meant bigger seats, free wi-fi and a meal. nI talked with the Eurorailways rep and was told initially that there were no refunds but after going off on them they offered me a 50% refund for a trip that was 3 months away. I also had to have the tickets back to them by the end of the month. I don’t even have the tickets yet (they will be here in two days and the month ends in four) so not only would I have lost 50% but I would have had to overnight them back to the company at my cost. nThey could get me my money back but they already got their fat commission. This company is nothing more than a ticket agency and it will rob you blind. Buyer beware! Go directly to the train company websites if you’re planning to travel in Europe and avoid this company like the plague.

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