ETS Express Transaction servies Kenora Ontario Review


We received a 2 box set of thermal rolls that was addressed to one of my employees which I never ordered.When I called the company to tell them it was a mistake that’s when the insults started to fly from the saleslady on the other end. We are a gas station and all my poor employee did was answer the phone. He told them he wasn’t authorized. The “LADY”” said she had a recording of him authorizing it. I called this company back 3 times

I told them I want to hear the recording. They said they would fax an authorized form for me to sign then they would send the transcripts but if they do I have to take responsiblity for the shippment. I guess I knew something was funny after a dozen or so insults from this “”LADY””. When I asked to for her supervisor or boss or the owner of the company she said she didn’t like my tone and this is as far as she was going to let it go. She told me to have a nice day. I used a few choice words describing how she could have a nice day too!”

615 Belmont Suite 103 Montreal, Quebec United States of America


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By Ronald

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