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I have been with my husband for seven and a half years. We had an amazing relationship. All of a sudden at the beginning of 2014 I noticed a change in him. He started to get more distant, we started to fight a lot more. He put our house on the market and I had no idea. Finally one of my friends said to me I would hate to put this in your head, especially if it isn’t true, but you don’t think he is cheating on you, do you? I said no there’s no way he would do that to me. But that night I went home and I checked the phone records. Sure enough, there was one number over and over and over. I had a friend call the number and it was a woman’s voice mail. I checked his Facebook and there was some woman he had never mentioned someone I had never met. I confronted him about it he swore they were only friends. I checked deeper into the phone records he spend an hour every day on the phone with this woman talking not to mention texting nonstop the rest of the day. I contacted HER husband. We checked dates and found out they had gone out and gotten drunk together. I hacked into his Facebook and found out he had had her at my house with a group of friends when I wasn’t home. And not a single one of them told me. || I begged him to stop talking to her. He start to get physically abusive telling me that I wouldn’t let it go. The last straw was when he told me he was going to a friends house. I went to the friends house he wasn’t there. I went to her house sure enough his truck was in the driveway. To this day he swears he never cheated on me. But this was cheating, whether he had sex with her or not this was a relationship. He let her take him away from me.

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