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This HW came into the picture possibly a year before my ex husband’s deployment. I discovered they were having contact mid to late 2010. One day as him and I were on Skype we decided to share our screens (idiot!) and I noticed that he had another female on his contact list besides myself named Erika Saucedo. I didn’t say anything at the time but I wrote down the name. I did some research and found out that she lived in El Paso. He had been to El Paso a couple of times for his military training. I couldn’t wait to confront him in person because he still had a few months left. I decided to ask him the next time we Skyped. As I asked him he all of a sudden started losing connection (PFFT!) After connecting again he gave me this bogus story about the girl being his friend’s gf and that he didn’t have a phone and therefore he was calling her to get a hold of his friend. There were a lot of texts and phone calls to and from her. We left it at that but it still didn’t sit right with me. I called the number assuming it belonged to this Erika girl and asked for Erika. Her mother told me that she wouldn’t be home for a few days. It was confirmed that the number belonged to her. Why so much contact? Why Skype with her? His reason? job related, when the phones weren’t available they’d Skype…ummm yeaaa…suure. || We had been having problems already before his deployment and decided that we were going to get professional help as soon as he came back. A few months before he came back he changed his mind and decided that we were going to separate and we weren’t going to work out. I didn’t understand why but had a hunch she had something to do with it. He came home for a couple of weeks on leave and we never had sex, he didn’t want to. Everyone noticed a difference in him. The last 2 months of his deployment I was in Cali visiting my parents. The plan had been that he was going to fly to Cali and drive back to San Antonio where we lived with our daughter since I had driven out there. He was supposed to pick us up in June and kept lagging it and making up excuses as to why he couldn’t get vacation. Finally at the end of July he picked us up. I thought that he had been through a lot and by seeing his daughter and I he would change his mind and remember how important his family was to him. Well apparently he had already hired lawyers and a storage pod for me to move back to Cali because according to him it’d be better for me to be with my parents during those times. He was also in a hurry to not only separate but to get a divorce. I pleaded and asked if she had anything to do with it and he denied it. He just didn’t want to be with me anymore. After 3 weeks our daughter him and I were on the road back to Cali and he came back to San Antonio. Within 3 months we were divorced. I had asked him why go through with the divorce and he again gave me a bogus story about the navy didn’t allow separations, either you’re married or divorced. Now that I think about it, it sounds bogus! I asked him if she had anything to do with it and he denied it, all he said was that he wanted to date other people and that it didn’t matter what we did after our separation. Hmmmm I knew it was her. || Throughout the time we were in Cali he didn’t have contact with our daughter as much as he could have. He said it was because of work. Always had an excuse as to why he couldn’t Skype with her ( his laptop was broken). Fast forward 2 and a half years later and I decided to move back to SA into what has always been MY house. According to him the house had been rented out. He hired a real estate company and they took care of renting it out and he had no idea who lived in it. I believed him. I told him with time when I was moving back and he said it was fine. Once I arrived in SA the truth came out. He told me he was living with his girlfriend and after asking a couple of questions I knew it was Erika. They had a son a year and a half ago (my gut says he’s older, which means he got her preggo while with me) and were now living as a family along with her 2 older kids from another dad. As the days passed by more things came to me. Mail addressed to her at my address, mail for her oldest son (who now has my ex’s last name) and other sources of confirmation, some that were left in the house by their dumb asses…yes they had been living in the same house that him and I first purchased for OUR family. Pretty much, as soon as our daughter and I left, he moved them in. They were sleeping in the same bedroom him and I shared and possibly on the same bed. I’m still waiting to see what else I find out. .. || BUT at the end of the day as I’m trying to stay positive I say, thank you to him for leaving, and thank you to her for taking that piece of shit away from me. You belong together. As for Erika, remember how you became his girl and how he can easily do the same to you, with a kid. To him, remember what kind of female ( because she’s not a woman) you have and what she had the audacity to do, why wouldn’t she do it to you? I will stand back and watch karma get both of you as I succeed as a person, mother, and eventually girlfriend to someone more deserving.”I got one less problem without you”.

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