Erika Huerta Vega Rowland Heights, California California


Ladies pay very close attention to this”Predator” don’t confuse her kindness for friendship… This woman carelessly started pursuing a known married man, once she got what she wanted she immediately moved on to the brother and then the cousin and friends…. She starts of pretending to be your guys friends once shes got him at a vulnerable time she goes in for the kill…. || This fake as* B?%&$ will play the I’m just a friends role and you’re just so insecure. really! A female knows when a whore is in pursue of something that’s hers, not caring who this will effect in the long run. Ohhh but the best part is when you expose her for what she is she tries to flip it on you and make you feel that you’re the one at wrong here,….”Because Im a good ass woman I’m going to give you some advice, keep your man happy so he doesn’t go looking for a lap to cry on” Really…. Who cries on some ones lap…. Ohhhh and did I mentioned she’s 40 pursuing 25 year olds, the age of her kids. || My child is growing up without a father because someone just couldn’t respect another woman’s man… I understand that its not just her fault and that my ex had a big role and in no way am I justifying him… If you do happened to come around this woman in Rowland Heights hold on to your husband tight because she doesn’t discriminate!!!

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By Ronald

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