Erie County Office of Children and Youth Erie Pennsylvania


Complaint: OCY trying to terminate my rights and adopt my children out to foster family, even after I completed all that was asked of me. I completed service plan and was told children would come home soon. 9 days before hearing I get paper saying OCY wants to put kids up for adoption! Gail Dyslewski never sent out kinship letters to families, required by law. The agency denied this, and even after an internal inquiry proved she did not fulfill her duties, continued to present to the courts they had contacted family. Megan Watt canceled son’s evaluation for his special needs, saying” I don’t think he has autism and I don’t want to waste my time for nothing on a long assesment””. Daughter fell from bunkbed and broke arm in foster home. When I asked Megan Watt if she investigated

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Address: she said that was a “”supervion issue””

Website: denying it all. These people submitted false information to the courts

Phone: but she had adressed it. Children remaimed in foster home until 2 weeks later

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