Erick J Bowen – Long Time Cheater, Narcissist, and Emotional Abuser Men


This guy cheated on his partner for 4 straight years. Finally left her and started dating the girl he had been cheating on her with. He told her he wanted her to get pregnant, and she did, but at the first sign of trouble between them, he left her, after she had waiting four years for him. He also left her completely alone to go through a medical abortion, and then blamed her for being upset about it. Everything was always her fault. And if he does anything wrong, and you’re upset about it, he blames you for being negative. He says he cares and loves you, but turns his back on you the second you need him. But if you’re not perfect, you’re garbage. As a side note: he also nearly forces you, through anger and emotional manipulation, into performing sex acts for him that you would never otherwise do. He is a manipulating liar who turns his back on your in a heartbeat. Stay away!

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By Ronald

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