Erica Renee Henderson Piedmont, Missouri Missouri


Me and my husband moved to Piedmont Missouri to get away from our hometown to try to start fresh. Unfortunate circumstances came to be and I had to move out of our new families home and back to previous residence. While I was gone our new neighbors kept my husband company, Erica Henderson and her boyfriend at the time Levi Happy. || Well unknown to Levi ( the home wreckers boyfriend) and myself ,Erica was keeping Aaron ( my Husband ) company while I was home alone trying to work on myself so my marriage would succeed, and Levi went to visit his mother. || Erica was meeting up with my Husband, putting love bites on my husbands neck while in a relationship with LEVI and while Me and my husband were working on ourselves, bettering ourselves. Matter of fact my husband told me that one night My Husband, Erica and Levi were all drinking and Levi made a comment about the hickies my husband had all over him and Erica bold face lied to Levi and said that another girl had given them to him, and continued drinking the night away, seducing my husband while her oblivious boyfriend was present and I was unaware of EVERYTHING. || Not a month later she has moved into My house with my husband and is telling my husband she loves him and that; he better stop talking to me and I wasn’t allowed over there. She got quite mad when I messaged her all the sexting messages and pictures that my husband and I had recently been sending each other, she told me I was being disrespectful to her sending him photos while she was there at MY HOME! I told her that I didn’t care because she has spread her legs to get my my mans attention and my home (she lives in a dump that resembles a tin box! || But the best part she, was fucking Levi while playing house with MY HUSBAND.

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By Ronald

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