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This girl, works (worked) with my husband. She is what is most commonly called a”factory slut”! My husband got moved to a new machine, that’s when he met her. They started flirting and he sent her a message on fb saying your samples are ready, she then said not to message her on fb her bf is very controlling and will freak out. When she walked over to get what she needed, she asked for his phone and put her number in there. I knew the day after it started something was not right. I questioned my husband about the fb request, he said she’s just a lab girl, he doesn’t see her much, HE SEEN HER EVERY 15 minutes! I have known my husband since he was 6 years old, I know when he is telling a lie. I became aggravated and we got into a huge fight and I left… He begged me to come home, he wanted to work this out, we have 2 kids together. I came home, asked is there anything I need to know? If so now is your chance to come clean about it? His response no, there is nothing going on with her. The next day she went thru and liked over 30 of his pictures, none of which had me in them, right there should even if my husband didn’t have bad intentions, SHE DID! While he was at work that night I told him I didn’t feel comfortable about him talking to her or being around her, he said nothing like that is going on, I can trust him, he loves me blah blah blah. When he came home from work I tried to talk to him about it… He instantly became defensive, ugh hello first sign of guilt! I spent all day crying, asking myself why I’m staying, I know he’s cheating, his whole attitude towards me and our kids changed. He held me and swore she was nothing. I looked in his eyes, and he was sooo convincing!!!! I believed him. || That saturday came around, my dad took our 2 children for the night, I was at work till 8, we only not have our kids like once every 6 months… We made dinner plans and plans to watch a movie and just spend some much needed”us” time together… About 45 minutes before I got off he said he wanted to go to the gym… I started bawling at work, because at that very second I knew, all my suspicions were confirmed. When I came home he already left. I had a very bad feeling and checked our phone records and seen ALOT of messages to a number I didn’t recognize. I called and it was her. I told her for the sake of her and his marriage, she needs to stop now! She called me a crazy bitch and hung up. I went to the gym to talk to him and let him know I knew he was talking to her. To let him know he was busted!!! My car was there, his phone was in my car, he wasn’t in the car nor the gym. I called her and she continued to deny my husband was with her. After about an hour I heard from him she dropped him off at his brothers house. We came home we talked, I cried screamed packed my bags he begged me to leave I slapped him cried some more, I could see in his face the guilt and shame that was taking over him. He picked up his phone and he called her, said it was over he never wanted to speak to her again, she wasn’t worth his family and he was sorry for leading her on when he had no intention of keeping her around, she said can’t we be friends and he said no, I want nothing to do with you, I only talked to you because you made it known you were easy and hung up. || Come to find out she had just been released that Saturday morning for domestic violence! She has continued to message me and my husband and refuses to let it go. We have had to block her from everything and get a restraining order against her because she followed him home!!! In one of the messages she said, I think we should meet after your wife gets off so we can have more time together instead of being on a time limit! They only met up and talked twice, they never had sex, and he only kissed her once and that was the night he was busted because she kissed him first! She is crazy and will not leave my husband alone, and even tried to get him fired because he wouldn’t talk to her! I know this because he works with my uncle who has been doing a good job at keeping me informed of everything.. I’m not saying he’s innocent, but when you know he has a wife, you are a STRAIGHT UP HOMEWRECKER! She even posted a status bragging about being a HOMEWRECKER! I’m only giving you the credit you deserve Erica! I hope this is the fame you wanted you stupid whore! She even went as far as to dye her hair the same color as mine the day AFTER the I colored mine!

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