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Erica claims to be a woman of god and honest to her faith. This woman lead me on for 2 years making me think we had something real. Only to find out she was sleeping with another man in Ohio. When confronted she claims I dreamed it all up. She had on her fb him saying he had her on lockdown while her and I were still dating she played it as harmless fun and finished one vacay in TX only to go on another solo one to Vegas just a few days after the “harmless fun” was called out. The only thing I wanted was for her to admit she screwed up and I wasn’t just crazy, of course a woman of her faith cant be bothered by that. Either way she somehow couldnt even make that relationship work even though he was mr perfect in every way. Poor guy got himself killed in a tragic work related incident and now she is playing this love of my life BS even though they were broke up and she was already sleeping with other dudes. This woman will have atleast 2 or dudes wrapped around her finger just to keep her options open. Which wouldn’t be bad if she wasnt leading them to believe in a happily ever after. If you love a woman whovis good looking with 5 kids one who has a kid and treats you like garbage and complains about being broke and needing money so she can go on two or three vacations every year so she can sleep around on you. Then Erica is your woman. I have a ton of proof showing her fb messages of her lies im only including a pic of her in vegas with him when she said she was there on a work retreat deal. There are worse women out there than her. But the double standards she has are outrageous

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By Ronald

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