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Several years ago, my life was permanently changed by Erica Beaver. She worked with my husband at a school for a few months. We would all see each other at gatherings and we went camping and hiking together with our dogs on several occasions. We were not that close and I always thought that she was a bit too “close” to her dog. She would let him lick her inside her mouth and the dog always seems to try and hump her leg and tackle her. She would not fight the dog off, she would just laugh and roll around on the ground with the dog while he was trying to hump her. I just thought she was odd and REALLY liked her dog. Little did I know she was much closer to the dog and my husband than I would have ever thought possible. It was close to Christmas and everyone was off at the school for the holiday and a group from the school was going to go out for drinks. My husband called me and told me he would be gone until after dinner and I should just take the kids to go get something to eat after work. I didn’t think anything of it and after I got off from work I went to get the kids from my mothers house and we were going to get a bite to eat at Red Robin but my daughter wanted to stop by the house and get her kindle so she could play games and talk to her friends on the Red Robin wireless internet. The house was not far and I thought no problem, that would give me time to talk to my son. When I was pulling up to my house I noticed my husbands car was parked in front of the house. I though he must have dropped it off and gone out with his co-workers. The next 5 minutes are seared into my mind forever and will never be forgotten. I walked into the living room and my husband was naked on the couch with Erica Beaver on her knees blowing him. I was frozen in place and confused as to what I was seeing because it looked like a large dog was trying to climb into his lap. What I then recognized was that a large dog was mounted and humping Erica Beaver while she was sucking my husbands dick. I gasped and my husband sat up really fast and pushed her away while trying to jump behind the couch. Erica was bleeding from the mouth because my husband must have kneed her in the mouth when he tried to jump behind the couch. Erica was holding her mouth with blood dripping all over her fat body and my floor and the damn dog was still trying to do his business in Erica. Erica was holding her mouth with one hand and trying to push the dog off of her with the other so she could stand up. I ran out confused more than angry or anything else. I later found out that she had some kind of website with her and her dog. My husband is now my ex-husband and I have to see him when he gets the kids. I have not told them what happened only that we cant be together anymore. I dont know what happened to Erica Beaver after that, I heard she might have moved to California. Beware She is gross and will do anything with anyone or anything. I hope she gets some kind of strange dog sex disease!

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By Ronald

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