Eric Richardson – Slooty homewrecker and the family she ruined Colorado


He was married to a good woman also banging hot too btw. She took care of him and their kids and had a full time job to top off. She had some hard times battling postpartum depression. But, she still cooked cleaned did his laundry and helped him sell his drugs. After their first he did pretty good with it. Then they bam found out they were preggers again. Well I can only guess here but he must have had enough and decided it wasnt what he wanted anymore. He instead of talking to her he went to an almost strip club and got a coffee floozys to suck his d*%# in the backroom there. Well guess he liked it more than his wife cuz about 6 months later he dipped out on her and the kids and dropped them like a hot potato. Now he has his own place with the little hoe and what you guess it she poked holes in his condom and she got preggers herself and now he is gonna go thru it all over again. Well if you want you D*** sucked give her a call and ladies I’m sure she would do you too. Seven19 then6one 9 and sure he was not the first 8189

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By Ronald

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