Eric Lo New Smyrna Florida


Complaint: Taken to Bert Fish Hospital New Smyrna Beach hear attack provided with stent and after op was treated to assault by doctor Lo when he ripped off the heavy olaster from my right thigh and tore skin chunks extreme pain but no acknowledgement still in shock. Wounds still seen after 2 months no one wants to know, Later discovered serious infection of IV site and was forced back to Bert Fish for treatment. The cost of all this was $58,000 2 days 3 doctors and lousy treatment. You can view the cost of ONE stent on Internet $450.00 I was charged $18,000 When I questioned Lo’s bill I was subjected to violet responses from accountant and next day recerived a debtor colectors demands. On holiday in Floroda no insurance would cover this totally unacceptable rip off. Researched Lo’ reputation and found professional were knowledgeable of lo’s attitude and treatment.

Tags: Doctors

Address: Bert Fish NewSmyrna, Florida United States of America


Phone: 4248440

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By Ronald

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