Eric Jay Smith – Cheater, abuser (mentally and physically) Men


His talk game is real good! He is very manipulative and will see what he can get out of you. He loves to have control over you. Right now his main goal is to find a woman that will have the same exact tattoo that he talked me into getting. It is a lightning bolt type of font on a a55 cheek. Which at the time he said he would marry me if I got it. I had a tubal reversal for this pos bc he said he wanted to start a family with me. While I was having the air he was literally signing a lease for himself. I didn’t even find out for a few months afterward. He lived with me and my kids for yrs and never paid a dime! So basically he lived off me to make his life comfortable, saving up his money. Not sure where he’s living now. I got fired from jobs bc of him. He lost his job once and I paid his bills for him. And later he said he paid me back but of course, he didn’t. A couple of thousand. He is a cheater and has given me a few drds, thank god they were curable! He loves to hit on women and kids. He has previous assault charges from another girl some yrs ago. Do a search you’ll find it. He had hair at the time but that’s him. Don’t take his word for sh1t! He is a truck driver, supposedly for Swift. He has his 3 initials tatted on one arm and his birthday month and day on the other. So he is very self absorbed and believes women worship the ground he walks on. I pray that this helps any woman that meets him…run as fast as you can! I wasted yrs with this psychotic pos. He tried hard to get between me and my kids. He text them nasty lies about me which we backed all those up on our phones. I have proof of everything I’m saying and everything he has done! He is very jealous and obsessive! Please ladies watch out! He will never give up anything of his but d1ck. Holidays it’s a card and balloons. Maybe a stuffed animal. He does not like spending money unless it’s on himself. If any woman decides to be with him…record everything and keep text!

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By Ronald

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