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Date of incident: April 1 2017 Secrecy: Like an earlier poster, I also used this company for passport photos. I wondered about ePassportPhoto’s insistence on secrecy: “DO NOT MENTION epassportphoto, passport photo, or passport.” So, I asked why I shouldn’t mention ePassportPhoto when I collected the photos from my pharmacy. A “Paula Davis” at Customer Support wrote back: “No secrecy. Just from experience if you tell the clerk non-relevant information it more often than not confuses him or her and your pictures will not be found. ” Clearly a non-answer. Bad product: I ordered photos for a UK passport, which has very specific requirements re: measurements and background color. Even though the website claimed they could produce that size, the photos I received were the wrong size –too big. Also the paper they were printed on was very flimsy and not photo paper quality. I had to order photos from another company (persofoto –highly recommended) which took a bit longer but were worth the wait. This is a warning to others: avoid this company!

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