Envisage Skin Intl


When i agreed to order this it was because it said nothing about membership or trial offer. so i paid the shipping and handling and received 2 products in the mail. before I ever got a chance to use it I see a charge on my debit card 109.00 and 103.00. Needless to say i was furious I cannot afford that kind of money, that was money set aside for my household bills. | So I call them and starts automatically that I should have known it was a trial and he cant issue a refund, but give me a discount. Well I told him in a colorful way he would refund my money and I would send his crap back. so as of right now I have to return this crap at my expense as well a 20.00 per item stocking fee!!! I felt like that was as good as I was gonna get so i TOOK IT. We will see what actually happens and how long it takes Stephanie Homer,Ga

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