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I ordered tickets on line through TicketMaster. The next month I received a $9.00 charge on my Providian Visa account for Entertainmnt Rewards. I immediately called both the credit card company and Entertainment and told them that I didn’t order what they were charging me for. nI have received paperwork from Providian stating that Entertainment sent something from the Internet that I supposedly signed up for. Well the paperwork is not legible and the name on the paperwork is ROBERT welcome to your 30-day Free Trial Membership. Who in the heck is Robert? I sent this information back to Providian. This month I received my Visa bill and there was that stupid $9.00 charge again! nI called both Providian and Entertainmnt Rewards. I am quite disgusted at the amount of time and energy I have put into this. Please check out this company. nDenisenSagamore Hills, OhioU.S.A.

1414 E. Maple Road Troy, Michigan U.S.A.


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