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Complaint: I purchased a new dental scaler from this company and it worked OK. When it got older they talked me into buying a new model. That unit has fallen apart twice during use, the welds in the handle break. After this happened the second time while the unit was still under warranty, they charged me just under $100.00. I have called and complained and they could care less. Their service department than sent it back to me in a falling apart box. I sent it to them in the original box with foam inserts that the unit came in. This unit is so unreliable I have had to purchase another unit from a different company, now I need to sell this pier of junk.

Tags: Doctors

Address: 1099 East 47th Street, Hialeah, Florida 33013 ialeah, Florida United States of America

Website: www.engler-engineering.com/

Phone: 305 688-8581

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