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I seen Emporium. Com. Online and applied for Credit and was approved and on Nov. 16 ordered my 12 year old son his Christmas and they took a payment out of my Bank. Then a week later called to check on order and was told it was in shipping Dept. Waitting to be shipped . I never recieved anyof his 7 items totalling close to $ 1,000 . So for next month I kept callibg and asking why it wasnt beibg shipped, and every time they acted so polite and said all they know is computer says is in process of being shipped . December 22nd after calling credit dept and Customer Service over 17 times they still tell me they don’t know whats wrong and I asked 7 times to speak to a supervisor or someone over them and was told he was busy or on vacation. On Dec.16th they try to take another $ 135 payment without ever sending any of my sons Christmas Items. I stopped payments and credit dept. Said they understood and would not bill me until I recieved Items but now they are billing me and sending letters saying I am behind on my payments and will be sent to credit Bureau if I dont make payments! Thr have told me several times they are not allowed to give me the phone number to the main Company or shipping dept. And they are not allowed to call them but will send a email tellibg problem and someone will call me back in 48 hrs. That was a Joke . No return call ever . This has to be a Rip off And is no Company or would have gave me a phone number and would have been called by now . Emporium.com is NOT REAL! Do not send them any Money!! They Destroyed my Son’s Christmas!! How do you tell a 12 yr. Old its supossed to be coming and is 55days late? I Need Help ?

Po box 503550 San Diego, California USA

1 855 245 3510. And 1 866

Emporium. Com

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By Ronald

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