empoexa trucking Madera California Review


this columbian thief is an owner operator beware of francisco miranda his wife is nubia miranda he always talks about evangelista looks like a nice person but his a thieve if you google his name you can see his been in court before i worked for him after i asked for my money he did not want to pay me when i took him to court he said he was goiung to pay but after 2 months he stoped paying when i whent to his house he already moved from modesto ca he preaches in an evangelista church he has one doughter and 2 sons there from colombia they lived before in new your he has a white truck kenworth with #18 i have the lic plate # but at the moment i cant find it beware of this thief

modesto ca modesto,mountain view, new york, California United States of America

modesto ca

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By Ronald

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