I applied for a job on indeed. Saw his job post for a front desk receptionist. I applied. A few days later I get a email that my application was approved for interview to contact ****** ***** for further instructions. I emailed him, few days later he responded stating that the receptionist position has been filled but he has a personal assistant job opened. If I was interested resend my name address email number to him. So I did so. An he said in a couple weeks once he’s back in town he’ll set up a face to face interview an get all paperwork done. After couple days he emailed me letting me know that he needed me to purchase some supplies an food etc for a foster home that he was gonna send me the funds to do so. I wrote back telling him I don’t feel comfortable sending my banking info to someone I haven’t even met. I never got a response back for about 3 days. Then he messaged me on 8/6/2019 letting me know that a check was sent to my house via fedex once I receive it to deposit once I do so to let him know so we can go on with purchasing items for foster home. The check was $4,950.00. For some reason before I deposited it I went ahead and looked up his name only to find that he was involved in the Azscam an that he was convicted years ago. But obviously didn’t learn his lesson because he’s back on it. I was only looking for a job did not know I would get scammed. Now his texting my cell phone. He has my address an all. So I feel very uncomfortable.

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By Ronald

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