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Emily and I were happily married for almost 19 years or so I thought. I had given her all I could, I have worked as a miner my whole working career. We were fortunate, I had a fairly good paying job and she works as a supervisor for the county library system. We have two great kids, a nice home, paid for cars basically a very good life. Then then the book delivery boy started having lunch with her. Oh they were just friends, ya an ex gang member and a college educated book worm. Well I guess this went on for a year or so, I’m sure he’s a smooth talking guy. So I could tell she started acting indifferent to me and stopped having sex with me. Then in October my brother and I were going to Arizona to see our mother for a quick weekend visit, mind you it’s a 10 hour drive from Salt Lake. The kids were in school but that didn’t stop Emily from almost jamming them into the car! It was almost bizarre at how she acted. I thought maybe she just needed a break but still it was strange. || When we got home a few days later the house smelt of cheap cologne and I almost knew what had gone on. Then she started not coming home at night she was just so”fuck you I’ll do what I want” about it. Through November she would come home with hickey’s and the same”fuck you” attitude. The best was right before Christmas she had his name tattooed on her side, waist to the bottom of her breast. BIG! So I filed for divorce, what the hell was I to do? She got mad and filed a bogus police report to get me removed from my home to move”Hugo” in. Well the protective order was thrown right out of court but by then I was out and couldn’t stand the idea of going back. Well in March Hugo went back to his wife and now Emily is a raving maniac! || Be careful of her she is the definition of bat shit crazy! I loved her and still do but you think you know someone and sometimes all it takes is one smooth talking asshole and you’re homeless fighting like hell for all you’ve worked for!

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By Ronald

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