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So about a month ago my fiancé and father of our 2 beautiful girls made a new friend at work, she happened to be a girl named Emily Holmstrom. He said he was going to go take a drive for a while, get out as he was working overtime a lot. Well come to find out he went and hung out with Emily Holmstrom. When I questioned him he said,”well I couldn’t tell you, you would never let me go hang out with another girl”… well hell no I wouldn’t. I got Emily Holmstrom number called her and told her, “if something is going on between you two, I want to know so I can get out of the picture” she laughed… || told me I needed to trust him more. Well time goes on and Emily Holmstrom is messaging him all the time. I told him he needed to stop before something happened, he claimed I just didn’t trust him. Then on Dec. 23, 2014, he said he was going to the bar ended up going and sleeping with her. || I found out because after he was sleeping I pretended I was him and she started posting”i miss you” and”cant stop thinking of the sex we had the other night”. I punched him right in the face and kicked him out. He ended up getting a hotel room and she stayed with him. That’s when he realized what he had lost and now wants to come home. || I get sometimes lifes scary, but I just dont know if we can work past this. Last new years she sent me a text saying that even if I’m in the picture she’s gunna keep sleeping with my boyfriend. Currently he is now staying on the couch. He’s blocked her and all that. We were goin through a rough spot and  I understand. But cheatings a cowards way out and I dont know how I feel. I love him, but is he just going to do it again?

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