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I thought I was happily married for 15 years. I am a Christian and submissive wife. I worked hard to try to be a great mother and wife, having a full time job, two wonderful little boys, & going to grad school to help my family. Then one day my husband shattered my whole world telling me he had been having an affair with his assistant at work for the past 4 weeks. I knew her & my kids knew her. I immediately left him! I made him tell our oldest child exactly what he did as he was 15 and old enough to understand. I didn’t want him to blame me for destroying his whole world. I’ve never heard my child cry and sob like that EVER! He will never be the same nor look at his father the same way. Seeing how badly he hurt OUR family, he begged me to take him back. He immediately quit his job, changed his email & phone number. She also has a husband. I’ve tried contacting him as I feel he has every right to know but I’m unsure if my attempts were successful. She was relentless in her efforts to lure my husband and my husband was weak and never had his heart right with God. I’m hoping his changes are sincere but until I know he loves God more than anyone, I can never completely be his. I’m leaning on GOD and trusting only in HIM! I know God will fight my battles and what you put out in this world you will have to answer for one day. She & he will answer one day for the hearts they broke, the marriages they’ve destroyed, &children they’ve changed. Thank goodness the Lord has not blessed her with children. Women like her are too selfish to be good Mothers!

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