Emily Clark, Emily M Lewis, Emily Marie Bateman, shiloh Illinois


Complaint: Emily just married the man she cheated on her husband with, and her third Baby daddy with. She can now use the name Emily Clark but a new name doesn’t change you being a terrible person and evil sadistic female. Emily was engaged to her brother in law until she got him locked up as well. She then set her sites on the man she used to sleep with her Co worker.a married man. He had a wonderful wife, three beautiful kids and he threw it all away for a lying heroin addict. She was just seen in Florida with all three kids, without their father’s permission. Visiting Baby daddy number three. She doesn’t even have custody of any of her three kids, she won’t let her kids see their real father’s unless they give her money for drugs. Her family members have custody of the kids because.dcfs /dhs. wont let her have the kids. She has had multiple police reports with drugs in her system. Opiates, benzos, methadone, weed, etc… I feel bad for her newest Mark, I wonder how long it will take for him to realize what a horrible mistake he made. Just Google her under any of those names you will see. I just hope he.figures out what her game is before she ruins his life. She’s just evil and nasty, I hope he gets checked regularly for std’s and God forbid her kids or his catch anything from her. I pray she figures out how to turn her life around before she gives herself a a hot shot and ends up six feet under. Please Check into rehab to save your.life and your kids. They already don’t know their daddy’s you don’t want them to grow up without a Mom too. God forgive you.

Tags: Dead Beat Moms

Address: 110 madison ave O’Fallon, Illinois USA



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