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My husband has been cheating on me with her for I don’t know how long, she was supposed to be a friend of our family. She also worked with my husband. I asked him to stop seeing her because I was very suspicious of the relationship. I always knew it was her shes this fake barbie bitch has no morals. After I caught him I tried to work it out, you know how hard that is when you’ve been betrayed. But she didn’t stop calling even after I told her I knew and to stop calling my husband and fix her own marriage. No she wouldn’t stop calling and then the texting started. My husband was in the garage with me while she was texting, he told me how much he lied to her for the sympathy its makes it easier to get sex when they feel bad for you. She had much to say to me, like this was her husband and I told that whore I don’t want him anymore and she could have him, her response was I don’t want him. So I asked then why are you f**king him? No response. || I left and they moved in together both still married to different people, hes been taking our children around her while they were cheating. We have five children, and our oldest ones knew what was going on. Our children know they both did something wrong and don’t want to live with them. This whore gets to help raise my children now and I hate that my girls will learn from a stupid whore like that.

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By Ronald

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